Thursday, December 17, 2020

PLAYLIST: Luke LeBlanc's Playlist To Get You Through

I'm not the only one who can put a playlist together. Minneapolis-based Luke LeBlanc is known for his uncompromising songwriting style. Here, he curates a playlist of songs that comfort and express the feelings that being stuck in 2020 might bring. 

1. The Weight (from the Last Waltz) - The Band 

A classic that follows a traveler on a mission - to take some of the weight off his old friend Fannie's shoulders. 

2. Starting Over - Chris Stapleton 

"Well the road rolls out like a welcome mat to a better place than the one we're at." Need I say more? 

3. And It's Still Alright - Nathaniel Rateliff 

One of those songs that haunt you the entire way through - so much so that once it's finished your soul starts feeling better as a natural stress response. But in such a good way.

4. To Hell & Back - Maren Morris 

It's really good to get your ass kicked in the form of a song once in a while. Especially when some bone chilling lyrics are sprinkled on afterwards.

5. Gone - Luke LeBlanc  

Is it legal to throw one of my own in here? Recorded this one at the home studio - with my dear friend John Richardson pitching in on the keys. The song delves into that long fight between holding on and letting go.

6. If She Ever Leaves Me - The Highwomen 

A beautiful song musically rooted in tradition while lyrically telling the kind of love story we need represented more.

7. I Got You (To Get Me Through) - Erik Koskinen 

My friend and fellow Minnesota musician gifts us with a rocking number devoted to the ones we lean on most during tough times.

8. Hurt, Live from Werchter - Mumford & Sons 

Nine Inch Nails... covered by Johnny Cash... covered by Mumford & Sons. The song version of a spectacular nesting doll. Such an honest and poetic expression of loss.

9. Loving Her - Katie Pruitt 

 The guitar, the percussion, the lyrics... they're all working together here to make the listener really damn happy.

10. Three Marlenas - The Wallflowers 

Jakob Dylan's lyrics make you sink into the perspective of someone on the "outskirts" of society. The song is like a movie you can watch a thousand times and never get sick of - you find something new on every listen. 

Learn more about Luke LeBlanc: Official, Facebook, Instagram

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