Monday, February 1, 2021

HEY! LISTEN: The Belle Curves -- "February Girl"

It's always exciting to come across the next generation of queer country singers. It was even more exciting to see The Belle Curves cover Lavender Country's "Waltzing Will" and cite Karen and the Sorrows as an influence. The Belle Curves, lead by Delaney Hafener and a rotating cast of musicians, have a unique sense of irony on their own collection of songs, which I featured in episode 144 of the podcast.

The band has crafted a unique sound inspired by the many traditions of Americana, complementing introspective lyrics and a songwriting style that isreminiscent of both Laurel Canyon and Bakersfield. The Belle Curves' music touches on themes of self-doubt, progressive politics, identity, and disaffection, creating a distinctly youthful and often irreverent Americana aesthetic. 

Photo: Kelsey Sucena

The band's latest single, "February Girl," takes a looser interpretation of Americana, but one amiliar to readers of Adobe & Teardrops. 

Hafener told Adobe & Teardrops "'February Girl' is a song I wrote about 4 years ago and never found a place for. In a moment of clarity, I realized it would be a perfect collaboration with Finn & His Rustkickers. We plan to release it on vinyl as a split-single with the Rustkickers' 'That's That.' 'February Girl' is highly self-referential. I really do hate being cold and cooped up. I was listening to a lot of Best Coast and Alvvays when I wrote it, but I think it came out sounding more like First Aid Kit backed by The Replacements, which checks out."

Song Credits

Guitar, organ, lead vocals: Delaney Hafener 
Drums: Al Criscuolo 
Bass: Bill Hafener 
Guitar: Finn Miller 
Harmonies: Sarah Gross, Anne O'Rourke 
Co-produced by Delaney Hafener & Bill Hafener at Silo Recordings

The Belle Curves -- Official, Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify

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